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Based on an original story and alternate future by Sonny & Ais called In the Company of Shadows.


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About Sonny & Ais

See below for amazing information on the duo behind In the Company of Shadows.

About Sonny

Sonny is a single father of two who lives in NYC. He is in his early thirties, and is bisexual. He spends most of his time with his kids, working, and going to school but tries to get writing and reading in his schedule as much as possible. Sonny was introduced to slash through yaoi fandom over a decade ago, and has been writing ever since. He enjoys reading science fiction and fantasy novels, but prefers to write in the contemporary dystopian or urban fantasy genres. Sonny would also like you to know that he is awesome. More awesome than anyone else. Likely in the world.

About Ais

Ais is just some chick who likes to write. There isn't anything that interesting about her except you should probably know she's gay, vegetarian, and in her late twenties but it won't be long before she's on Sonny's side of thirty. She got into original slash by accident through yaoi fanfiction and eventually BL manga. She also rambles to holy hell so watch out if you get ahold of her when she's hyper, really tired, or it's a topic she'll geek out on like anime, manga, or anthropology.

About Sonny & Ais

Sonny and Ais met through a mutual friend in the Gundam Wing fandom, in part due to a fanfic Ais had written and a recommendation site where Sonny was volunteering. They ended up becoming friends and by now have known each other for several years online. They don't remember the exact amount but it's probably somewhere between 6 and 9 years. They can't be bothered to figure out exactly how long-- and also neither of them remember exactly what year they met. They have never met in person.

In the Company of Shadows began as a way to pass the time. Sonny wanted to write a story for fun and asked Ais to join. Neither of them felt like putting a ton of effort into the characters or world since it was just something to do when bored, so they took main characters from past roleplaying games they'd both played in and settled on a dystopian world.

What In the Company of Shadows became is nothing at all like what it originally was going to be. Sin and Boyd were going to be side characters, and they were paired up as a joke because the combination of a girly emo boy with a psychopathic serial killer was funny to Sonny and Ais. Sin and Boyd were only going to be work partners and even that relationship was likely to be distant or strained. But when Sonny and Ais started writing, they discovered to their surprise that there was undeniable chemistry between Sin and Boyd's personalities.

So they started over, trying to be somewhat chronological in the story. As they wrote, the story kept expanding and eventually became a series. When they released it on AFFN, they didn't expect anyone to like it as much as they did. Since then, they've expanded the series to a plot that spans 4 books (3 books and the Interludes which are the length of a book together). Years later, they also noticed that the quality of Evenfall (the first book) wasn't what they felt was acceptable, which was largely due to the fact that they'd been rping the story just for their own amusement in the beginning. They decided to revise it so it was on the same standard as the other books they were writing. Somewhere along the line, they went from Sonny and Ais figuring things out to Sonny & Ais, respectable(?!) slash writers and co-authors of In the Company of Shadows.

(...ok, we're already rescinding the respectable part.)