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Are perfectly welcome! If you have something you're interested in seeing that isn't here, please feel free to contact us and we'll see if it's something we can write.

Please note:

If what you suggest is actually part of future plot we obviously probably won't be writing it as a side story. Also, depending on how awesome and prolific people are about suggestions, we may just not be able to get to it while we're also trying to write the story itself.

But hey, that could be where fanfics come in...


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Side Stories for In the Company of Shadows

May 7, 2018

Okay everyone, this is a note directly from Ais. You may or may not know about the situation that came about this year regarding Sonny/Santino. More information here if you need it.

We had the idea around 2014 that we would somehow edit these side stories and etc etc but let's be real: we never did. And people have been asking me for years about if they can read or reread these old side stories. I had to keep sending people on weird scavenger hunts across the internet for them and at this point, this is the one thing I feel comfortable making an executive decision about for ICoS in the months after recent revelations. I am putting the side stories back online because they will probably never be otherwise fixed. And we'd always planned to put them up again after they were edited. Please note that the editing is probably terrible on them, and there may be outdated information in them that was changed in one of the many rounds of editing. So, maybe think of them as semi-canon instead of 100% canon, just in case. I haven't reread them in a long, long time. But for those of you who want all the little bits and pieces of ICoS you can get, the least I can do for you in light of everything else is bring these back online for you to read. Have fun!

And now, for your viewing pleasure, a blast from the past with the original side stories/back stories list below. The list of them in chronological order is at the bottom if you prefer to read in order.

Side stories

  • Minuet ~ lo más chingón. A ride through the desert - Read after ch 37 at least. || 9/10/07
  • Rainbow ~ Ryan. When rainbows fall through - Takes place sometime between ch 25 and ch 38. || 12/16/07
  • A Morning in Cedar Hills ~ Kassian, Boyd. A chance encounter in Cedar Hills - Read after all of book one (takes place 6 weeks after ch 44). || 3/18/08
  • The One Left Behind ~ Blair. Reflections on what could have been. || New 9/11/08!
  • -somnia ~ Owen. When avoidance and jokes aren't enough. || 2/28/09
  • Scrollwork ~ Vivienne. A morning in the life. - Read after Cause/Effect at least.|| New 10/24/09!

Around the Compound stories

Around the Compound stories are a series of short fics written from the point of view of various civilian staff in the Agency. Each story will introduce a new character who, in may cases, would otherwise have probably not appeared or gotten a POV chapter in the book itself. Many of these short ficlets will include cameos from main characters.

Back stories

    SIN and EMILIO back story:
  • The Beginning ~ Sin backstory, Emilio POV. A glimpse into Sin's past. || 1/10/07
  • EMILIO/CARHART back story:
  • Vanilla ~ Emilio and Carhart backstory. The meeting that began the partnership. || 7/15/08
  • Sideways ~ Emilio and Carhart backstory. A day in the life. || New 8/29/2008!
  • Fool ~ Emilio and Carhart backstory. The many mysteries of Emilio. || New 8/29/08!
  • Unlocked ~ Carhart backstory. || 4/5/09
  • Break ~ Emilio and Carhart backstory. || 4/5/09
  • Blurry ~ Emilio and Carhart backstory. || 08/15/10
  • BOYD back story:
  • That moment in the rubble ~ Lou and Boyd backstory. A story of change. || 12/27/11

Other stories

  • Preface to Book Two ~ Sin. A preview of what's to come in Book Two (not yet named or written) - Read after all of book one (takes place 3 months after ch 44). || 3/18/08

Chronological order

Originally posted 3/12/2007 to 12/27/2011

If you're interested in reading the entire series in chronological order, the following is a list of the books and side stories in the order you'd want to read:

In the Company of Shadows Series

  • Untitled - Book 1 (<-- this later was named Evenfall)
  • Minuet
  • Rainbow
  • ~somnia
  • A Morning in Cedar Hills
  • The One Left Behind
  • Around the Compound, Rebecca
  • Preface
  • Afterimage - Book 2
  • Scrollwork

Back Stories in their chronological order:

  • The Beginning
  • Vanilla
  • Sideways
  • Fool
  • Unlocked
  • Break
  • **Unrelated to the rest of the back stories** That moment in the rubble

We will try to update this list as we add stories.

Note: It's not really necessary to read the side stories in order, although it's best to read Vanilla/Sideways/Fool in that order.