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Based on an original story and alternate future by Sonny & Ais called In the Company of Shadows.

Fanart welcome!

If you want to draw any of the characters or world from In the Company of Shadows, feel free! Just credit Sonny & Ais as original creators and let us know so we can put it up here. If you'd prefer it stay off the site that's fine too but still tell us -- we'd love to see it!

By the way, any fanfic or fanart requests can be made here.


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Fan Page

Welcome to our fan page. This is for any of the interactive fun things for fans.

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Fanfic plot bunnies and posted stories by fans can be found at the forum under the heading Fanfic/Fanart, Plot Bunnies.


We are so incredibly lucky to have fans who have written songs inspired by ICoS! Please take the time to listen to the awesome music.

shadow and echo by blisschild

Boyd's Lullaby by Flowolf

Interactive Communities

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Find some silly flash games embedded below and in the link at the bottom for more. Not all pictures chosen for characters are necessarly accurate; this was all just done as a joke. Note: because these are free there are ads. Make sure you don't click on an ad's sneaky 'play' button if you didn't mean to.

Quiz Time with the Agency
Do you have what it takes to compete in this Level 8 quiz training?

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Janus Fights Back
Be Janus for a day -- it's never been easier to take out that pesky Sin! (Try story mode, it's fun)

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Lots more games!

There are a ton more games if you check out our page at pictogame -- visit our sonnyais Pictogame profile.