In the Company of Shadows

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Based on an original story and alternate future by Sonny & Ais called In the Company of Shadows.

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Slash (M/M), het (M/F) and graphic language, violence and sexual situations. Not intended for anyone under 18!


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In the Company of Shadows




Download the series for free in ebook format at We have also vastly improved Evenfall for what we call Director's Cut. We split Evenfall into two volumes for this. Director's Cut Evenfall Volume 1 is already available for free download. DC Evenfall Volume 2 will be out the end of September 2014.

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You can buy ICoS merchandise at IMPORTANT: remove the content filter on the left or you'll miss out on a lot of items. There may be spoilers if you haven't finished the series.

Chapters Index

For quick jumps to the main books, see below:

Book One ~ Evenfall

DOWNLOAD THIS FOR FREE!! We have drastically improved Evenfall and split it into two volumes. We call this Director's Cut. We highly recommend you read the DC version instead of the chapters below. If you want to read online, the pdf option should let you.

Download DC Evenfall Volume 1: epub, mobi, or pdf.

Download DC Evenfall Volume 2: epub, mobi, or pdf.

* * *

Because the DC version is edited, we recommend new readers read that instead. However, we've received multiple requests from readers who were with us from the start, asking that we provide the ebook versions of the pre-DC version of Evenfall. The request was for this to be available at least until the entire series is edited and everything is 100% in line with the Director's Cut Evenfall version.

For those old skool readers who want the original version to keep, you can either read the chapters below or you can download the ebook versions here: epub, mobi, or pdf.

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Book Two ~ Afterimage

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Book Three ~ Interludes

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Book Four ~ Fade

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1/27: An ICoS Anthology

1/27, an ICoS anthology set after Fade, is now available for free for download! Visit to download or go straight to the links:

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