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Evenfall Chapter Thirty-One

A loud whining sound jolted Boyd awake so suddenly that he jerked, eyes snapping open. He stared wildly, heartbeat a crescendo in his chest, and it took him a second to even think to look for the source. Sin was standing at the entrance to their studio, clad only in low-slung jeans as he bent over with a drill. A middle-aged man Boyd had never seen before stood next to their couch, watching Sin work. He gestured and said something rapidly in Spanish and Sin didn't even look over before he replied in the same language.

Boyd couldn't tell if they were arguing or chatting, but Sin didn't seem to be on high alert so he just sagged back against the bed and threw a pillow over his head, squeezing his eyes shut. He had the vague beginnings of a headache from lack of sleep and the whirring of the drill was not helping matters at all. This was a prime example of why it was an issue living with someone with such different sleeping patterns.

Not that he could really blame Sin for practically being an insomniac; it had been trained into him as a child, it was really his father's fault. The thought still bothered Boyd and it made him want to counteract it just to prove that Sin didn't have to be on guard at all times. At least he seemed to have been getting slightly better; Boyd was fairly certain he slept more in Monterrey than he had back at the Agency.

He lay still for a few minutes, attempting to doze off or ignore the drill, but it was too late; Sin had effectively woken him for the day. He sighed and listened distantly to Sin murmuring in Spanish, letting the words that meant nothing to him pass him by. It was easier to listen to the rise and fall of Sin's words, voice, even his mood, when Boyd didn't know what he was saying.

His eyes slid closed and he found himself thinking about the night before. There was no way Boyd could misinterpret what he'd seen and heard. There was no way to ignore that Sin wanted him, and no way to ignore that he wanted Sin as well.

He pushed himself up on one elbow and swung his legs over the side of the bed. Neither of them seemed to notice that he was awake, but it was more likely that Sin was just ignoring the fact that he'd gotten up. He padded over on bare feet, ruffling his messy hair back as he yawned.

The man nearly jumped when Boyd stopped at his side and he looked over while stopping himself in mid-sentence.

"Hola," Boyd said with a lopsided, sleepy smile; he held his hand out and the man shook it, looking startled. Boyd kept his eyes half-closed so his eye color could only vaguely be seen through his eyelashes; he'd almost forgotten that he didn't have the contacts in and tried to remember the few Spanish phrases he'd learned so far.

"Me llamo Kadin. Ah... Sorry, that's almost all I know in Spanish. Except 'No hablo Español.'"

"Hola," the man said back, looking at Sin quickly as if to question Boyd's presence. "I am Enrique. I watch this building."

Enrique said something else to Sin in Spanish and Sin finally looked over his shoulder, giving the man a slightly impatient glance. He drawled something that sounded annoyed and waved a hand in the direction of the hallway as if telling the man that he had things under control.

Enrique shrugged, not seeming very concerned and pointed at the air conditioner, saying something else in his native language before nodding at Boyd and heading out of the room. Sin ignored him and didn't bother attempting to translate any of the conversation for Boyd.

Sin's accent sounded different than Enrique's, but Boyd liked Sin's more. While the caretaker trilled out his words quickly and almost incomprehensibly to a non-fluent Spanish speaker, Sin drawled the language out almost lazily. His voice was low, deep and every syllable rolled off his tongue in a manner that rather seductive, even if he was likely unaware of it.

Boyd waited until Enrique's footsteps faded down the hallway before he walked over to Sin's side, closer than was necessary. He leaned over so that he could see more clearly what Sin was doing and was pleased to see that he was installing very sturdy-looking locks; a one-sided deadbolt, two additional double cylinder bolts, new steel butt hinges and a security strike plate with case-hardened screws.

"What did Enrique say?" he asked quietly, lips brushing against Sin's ear.

Sin's hands froze for a moment and he turned his head slightly, looking at Boyd briefly before turning back to his work. There was a long hesitation as if he'd forgotten what he was supposed to be doing. The corners of his mouth turned down in a displeased frown.

"He said he'd forgotten I had a roommate and that our air conditioner won't work for shit during the summer months."

Boyd leaned a little closer. "Oh." He tilted his head enough for his breath to warm Sin's skin and he watched Sin with eyes that looked almost golden in the morning light. "Will he be bringing us a new one?"

"No." The tension in Sin's shoulders was obvious, his muscles taut as he awkwardly began to drill the lock into the door again. He kept shifting and pausing, obviously distracted.

Inwardly, Boyd smirked, but he made sure his expression remained neutral. "Really?"

He shifted nearer to Sin in the pretense of being heard over the drill. His t-shirt brushed against Sin's strong back and he could practically feel the energy and heat radiating from his body through the fabric. His eyes wandered over the tattoo on Sin's shoulder, the beads of sweat that slid down his back and disappeared into his low hanging jeans. "Why not?"

"Because it's no--fucking damn it," Sin swore and stopped drilling abruptly, realizing he'd been working in the wrong spot. He turned around entirely and glared at Boyd.

"You made me fuck it up," he snapped and slammed the drill down on the floor. He dug into his pocket to look for cigarettes only to find that he'd finished his pack already. His full lips pursed tightly, dark eyebrows snapping together in annoyance as he flung the empty pack on the floor with an irritated grunt.

"What did I do?" Boyd asked, feigning a confused look. He moved next to Sin and bent over, brushing against Sin's bare arms and torso as he went to grab the drill. His shirt was sticking to him by now and it was unbearably hot in the room, mostly because any cool air the AC had managed to generate had gone right out the open door. "I'll do it."

Sin yanked the drill out of his hand and made a face. "You can't even identify a pot-- why do you think you'd do any good with a drill?" Despite the comment, Sin's eyes didn't seem particularly mocking and a smirk managed to find its way onto his otherwise stony face. It seemed that he was trying to force himself to be mean to Boyd and was failing. "Go do something constructive."

Standing fully, Boyd raised an eyebrow. He reached out and put his hand over Sin's on the drill in the pretense of pulling him closer. "Why don't you teach me, then?" he suggested mildly, ignoring Sin's last comment. "There's only one way to learn and that's hands on."

Sin blinked once, twice, and then his mouth fell open although no sound came out. His eyebrows drew together slightly and he stared at Boyd in what seemed to be relative confusion. He closed his mouth and opened it again although he didn't seem to know what to say. He ended up clearing his throat and dragging his eyes away from Boyd.

"Go get me some cigarettes," he muttered finally, for lack of anything better to say.

Boyd watched him for a long moment, looking as if he was about to argue, but in the end he decided he had all day. He just inclined his head in a nod. "Alright. I need to pick up some things anyway."

He strolled past Sin and brought his duffel bag with him into the bathroom. A few minutes passed before he reemerged in a dark green t-shirt with a picture of a pinwheel on it and white letters beneath that said simply, 'Blow me.' A pair of worn denim shorts hung low on his hips. Wide black leather bands hid his wrists and a pair of sunglasses on top of his head held his hair away from his now dark blue eyes in a messy tangle.

Sin was no longer making any attempts to mess with the door. His eyes followed Boyd the entire time after he appeared from the bathroom and he was doing a very poor job of concealing that fact. He wiped his arm across his sweaty forehead, absently sucking on his lip ring as Boyd noticed Sin watch him lean over to dig through his duffel bag for something. Through the fall of his red hair, Boyd could see Sin's eyes going up and down his legs.

Not showing that he noticed Sin's stare, Boyd wandered over to his side once again. "Need anything else?" he asked idly, bare arm sliding against Sin's as he stood within the other man's personal space.

Sin watched Boyd from under his bangs and shook his head silently.

Boyd stared into Sin's eyes for a long moment without saying anything. The time stretched around them, slowed by Monterrey's heat and the moment, until he smiled.

"Good luck, then," he said lightly, pulling away just enough to place his hand on Sin's shoulder, squeezing slightly. "I expect the door to be finished when I return." His fingers tightened, his thumb rubbing briefly near Sin's collarbone, and it was with a lingering touch that he disappeared out the door.

The task took Boyd nearly an hour. The heat was intensifying by the day and many people seemed to be wearing fewer items of clothing than even earlier in the week. Boyd had not shown so much skin in public for years; he rarely wore anything but pants and a long-sleeved shirt even in the confines of his house. While in some regards it felt a little odd, for the most part he was thankful for whatever relief he could get from the heat.

Letting the bag from the store thump against his legs, Boyd took the stairs two at a time to the third floor. While out, he'd decided to pick up a few extra items that he thought they may need soon. When he turned down the hallway he saw that the door was shut firmly and seemed to hang in the frame better. He was prepared to shove against it but the door swung open perfectly, cleanly and silently.

Impressed, he looked the door up and down then pushed it lightly and watched it swing shut on its own. He turned around and saw Sin sprawling on the couch reading the Neil Gaiman compilation he'd bought months ago, and noted that the rest of his books sat in a messy pile next to the sofa. Walking over to Sin's side, Boyd dropped the bag on the table and looked down at him. He was entertained to note how studiously Sin was ignoring him. He was certain that Sin was actually watching him from the corner of his eyes but was trying in vain to pretend that he wasn't.

Crouching down, Boyd put one finger on the top of the book and tugged it down just enough to grin at Sin over the edge. "I'm impressed by the door," he told him. "Having it shut so easily makes up for you waking me so early today."

Sin glanced at him and then let his gaze drop down to the pages of his book. "What else did you get?"

"Just some things I needed." Boyd reached into the plastic bag and pulled out a cigarette pack. He shifted up and sat on the side of the couch, reaching over the book to press the pack against Sin's chest, his hand lingering there. "This is the brand you like, right?"

"Yes," Sin replied, sitting up straighter as he opened the pack.

"Good." Boyd pushed himself a little further onto the couch, causing the side of his hip to press against Sin's. He watched Sin's fingers, and then his gaze slid up Sin's chest to center on his green eyes. "Are you enjoying your day off so far?"

Sin shrugged, glancing up at Boyd. "I guess. Why?"

"Just wondering," Boyd said with a shrug. He leaned a little further against Sin's side in the guise of trying to get more comfortable. He let his eyes wander along Sin's chest and arms. After a moment he reached out to run his fingers along the barbed wire tattoo on Sin's upper arm, just visible beneath his shirt. His eyes flicked back up to Sin's face. "Will you keep anything from your cover after this is over?"

"Smoking may be difficult to quit," Sin replied slowly, eyes narrowing at Boyd. Once again he asked in a suspicious voice, "Why?"

At first Boyd simply shrugged, his gaze sliding down to taking in Sin's body. He shifted and raised his hand to Sin's face. His fingers brushed against Sin's chin and his thumb reached out, running along the lip ring and catching against Sin's lips. His gaze intensified as his thumb briefly ran along the parting of Sin's lips. He wanted to slide his fingers inside those full lips and taste every centimeter of that mouth.

He didn't hide the desire he felt when he looked back up and met Sin's eyes. "Because I want this to stay," he murmured, his thumb pressing lightly against that simple silver ring.

Sin's Adam's apple moved in his throat as he swallowed. His lips parted further as he asked again, and in a lower voice, "Why's that?"

"When you wear it, I wonder what it tastes like," Boyd replied, his voice a husky rumble. He dipped his thumb between Sin's lips. "I wonder how it feels."

Dark eyebrows drew together over Sin's vivid green eyes and he actually sat back slightly, out of Boyd's reach. It seemed like he would say something but a breath passed, and he just stared silently.

Boyd's gaze tracked Sin's face, drifting down to his lips and then moving back up to his eyes. He watched him a moment and then decided to give Sin a little space before he made his next attempt. He let his fingers brush against Sin's arm and hand when he pulled away and pushed himself up off the couch. He walked over to the kitchen.

Although Boyd wasn't facing Sin anymore, he could feel that intense gaze burning into his back as he stood in front of the fridge. He didn't say anything when he heard the books drop to the floor and didn't turn even as he felt Sin's presence silently coming closer to him. He didn't do anything until Sin was standing right behind him, body slightly pressed against him as one of Sin's hands rested against the closed freezer door.

"Why are you doing this to me?" Sin demanded softly, speaking directly into Boyd's ear.

A tingle went all the way down Boyd's spine and his stomach warmed. He tilted his head just enough for his hair to brush Sin's lips. "Doing what?" he murmured.

Sin's arm slid around Boyd's waist and his hand clasped his opposite hip, pressing their bodies firmly together. "Showing off for me."

Boyd could feel Sin's erection pressing into his lower back, his breath warm and quick against his hair. He couldn't answer for a moment; Sin felt too good against him. The possessive arm crossing his stomach should have bothered him but it didn't, not the way he would have expected. From the angle Sin held him there was no way he could hide that he was getting hard as well, so he didn't even bother trying.

Turning his head more, he placed his hand on top of Sin's at his hip and tightened his fingers. "Tell me what I'm doing to you," he said softly.

"You know what you're doing to me," Sin snapped, voice a low growl. His breath hissed out and he clutched Boyd, fingers digging in hard enough to bruise. "Why are you playing games with me? Is it funny for you?"

"No, it's not funny." Boyd felt just a little guilty if Sin thought that. He turned his head enough to see Sin's eyes, his fingers tightening against his hand. "I like to see your emotions," he said honestly. "I can't help wanting more of that."

Sin slammed the fridge door shut and spun Boyd around, pushing him against it. He looked frustrated and confused, eyebrows drawn together as his eyes flashed. The raw emotion in his expression gave him a slightly wild look and he closed his eyes briefly as if trying to calm down. "You just don't get it."

Boyd watched him, unperturbed by the changed positions. "What don't I get?" he asked, actually wanting to know. "Stop trying to pull it all back in, just tell me."

Sin stared down at Boyd for barely a second before yanking him forward and crushing their lips together desperately. Boyd let out a half-moan and returned the kiss just as intensely. The world zeroed in on the feel of their lips moving feverishly against each other. Boyd pulled Sin closer, pressing their bodies together tightly as Sin pinned him against the fridge and tangled long fingers in the hair at the nape of his neck.

The kiss was sloppy and desperate. His free hand slid down Boyd's back before cupping his ass and squeezing it hard, using his grip to crush their lower bodies together even more. Boyd's eyes slid shut as he groaned into Sin's mouth. One of Boyd's hands slid down to Sin's lower back as the other gripped a shoulder almost painfully, both of their hearts beating out of control as hypersensitive skin brushed together with every movement that was made.

For that moment the heat, the mission, the miscommunication and confusion-- none of it mattered. The only thing that did matter was the way their clothed erections ground against each other. The only thing that mattered was how it felt to run his tongue against Sin's lips, silently begging for entrance.

Full lips parted and Boyd's tongue slipped inside, massaging Sin's in a manner that made Sin's grip on him tighten violently. His hands skittered up and down Boyd's back frantically, as if wanting to touch everywhere at once but not knowing what to do. Their tongues clashed, low moans and throaty whispers of breath escaping lips that refused to part for more than a brief second as their hips began to grind together wantonly. A low swear, a soft grunt and their lower bodies began slamming against each other as they continued to kiss with frantic passion.

Unnaturally brown eyes snapped open and Sin froze. He yanked away from Boyd, stumbling backwards slightly even as he stared down with eyes wild with untamed passion and lips that were swollen from Boyd's kisses.

"Fuck," he uttered, dropping his hands as though they'd been burned even as Boyd reached for him. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to-- You don't..." He trailed off and swallowed hard, watching with wide eyes as Boyd grabbed his hand and pulled it toward the obvious erection between his legs.

"Fuck that," Boyd growled, pressing Sin's hand against his body firmly, proof that he wanted it just as badly as Sin did.

He let out a low, shuddering breath and dropped his head back against the freezer door, his eyes sliding shut and wet lips dropping open. The slight pressure on his cock was a delicious tease that could be so much better if Sin just gave them the chance. He didn't know what the hell he was going to do if it turned out Sin only liked the idea of sex with him but couldn't handle the actual physical part of it. He needed Sin, needed to touch him, needed to be touched by him. Sin was like a black hole that was sucking him in and he couldn't-- wouldn't stop it.

"Don't leave me like this, Sin," he panted, opening his eyes to watch Sin's startled expression through his eyelashes. "Let me be with you. Please."

His grip on Sin's hand tightened and Sin allowed his fingers to graze against the bulge slowly, hesitantly, even as he shook his head in denial and swallowed hard, Adam's apple bobbing convulsively. His expression was a picture of shock, confusion, even suspicion as he tried to pull his hand away and began to back off. He stared at Boyd with narrowed eyes as Boyd shook his head and refused to release Sin's hand even after he let it move away from his body.

"I thought you wanted it before and-- and then you didn't and it got all fucked up."

"I told you I panicked. You didn't stop when I said no and I didn't know what to do." Boyd pushed himself away from the fridge and stood right in front of Sin, searching his eyes almost desperately while his fingers tightened on Sin's hand. "I want to now, though."

Dragging his eyes away from Sin's surprised gaze, Boyd let go of Sin's hand to almost hesitantly touch Sin's chest. The pressure from his fingers was light, distracting as his hands slid down to rest at Sin's side, just below the ribs. Sin said nothing and didn't touch him again but Boyd didn't let go. He looked up at the darkening brown of Sin's contacts and brought their bodies together again. Sin's mouth opened slightly but he didn't stop him, didn't speak, so Boyd leaned in and licked slowly near Sin's nipple, enjoying the taste before he turned it into a kiss with light suction.

He could feel Sin shudder against him even as he pulled back just enough to whisper hotly against feverish skin, "Let me touch you." Another open-mouthed kiss in the center of Sin's muscular chest and a whispered, "Can I?", before he pulled back just enough to see Sin's eyes. "Please?"

There was no response but the look in Sin's eyes could only be described as needy and hungry. His mouth was hanging open slightly, breath coming hard and fast as he stared down at his partner as if he wanted to devour him. But he didn't say anything; he neither gave his consent nor told Boyd to stop.

Still, there was tension in his broad shoulders and he seemed paranoid, confused. He backed up again, eyes wide and slightly unfocused, erection obvious even in his baggy jeans as Boyd followed the movement and refused to let him get too far. Boyd waited a breath, hands still on Sin, eyes still locked. When Sin didn't push him away or move, he took that as momentary consent, resuming the slow, open-mouthed kisses down Sin's chest. He knelt slowly as his hands slid down Sin's sides and rested at the top of his jeans.

"Tell me no if I should stop," Boyd murmured against the flat, toned stomach. Sin didn't respond, only stared down at him through long black eyelashes. Boyd's fingers brushed Sin's skin lightly as they moved toward the button of his pants where he paused and looked up again with smoldering eyes. "If you don't, I'll think you mean yes." He slowly popped the button open on Sin's jeans, waiting for a sign.

Still Sin did not respond. He continued to gaze down at him silently, leaning back against the counter as he gripped it tightly. His full lips were parted, breath coming in low, shallow pants, causing his chest to heave from the effort. His tongue swept out quickly, moistening lips that were suddenly too dry. His fingers curled around the counter even tighter, causing a slight cracking sound to emanate from the cheap wood as Boyd smiled up at him before dropping unnaturally blue eyes to his slender hands poised at the waist of Sin's jeans.

He didn't rush the moment; he was reveling in the fact that he was touching Sin and that he wasn't being pushed away. His lips curled up as he began unzipping the ragged jeans and Sin's eyes shuttered closed briefly, breath hitching as fingers ghosted beneath the fabric and slid across his hips, pushing his jeans down below his ass.

The faded, threadbare jeans slid down slowly, exposing strong thighs and grey boxer-briefs that barely concealed a large erection straining against the cotton. Boyd paused again, staring at the image before him as he let his hands rest on Sin's hips, thumbs idly sliding beneath the waistband of the briefs and rubbing slow circles against Sin's skin. He pulled back just enough to look up at Sin fully and locked gazes with the silent man again.

"One last time," he breathed in a voice that was low and hoarse. "Tell me if you don't want this."

Sin's grip on the counter was so hard that his knuckles whitened as he gazed down at Boyd. He started to speak but only a slightly hoarse sound came out. He closed his eyes again briefly, erection throbbing as Boyd's fingers continued to tease his skin. He finally shook his head and opened eyes that were dark with lust.

"Don't stop."

"I won't," Boyd promised, turning his full attention to what he was doing now that he had Sin's consent. His heart was a resounding thunder in his chest and his skin felt hot to the touch.

Boyd pushed the hem down on the sides, watching as Sin's pubic hair was revealed before his erection sprang free. He kept pushing until the underwear circled Sin's upper thighs.

He'd always known that Sin was large but now that his cock was right before his eyes, he was unable to look away as his stomach clenched in anticipation. He wanted to taste Sin more than anything, wanted to lick up and down that swollen cock and trace the protruding veins with his tongue. His hands slid along Sin's skin; he was smooth over the hard muscles and just the touch of him, just the sight of him, was making Boyd so hard he wondered if he'd even make it through this. All the fantasies that had been building up over time had given him plenty of material he could finally act on.

Leaning forward, Boyd inhaled Sin's musky scent and ran his tongue along the length of his erection, teasing the tip and flicking at the drop of salty pre-come that trickled out. Sin's eyes rolled back in his head and he shuddered, stomach quaking as Boyd's fingers dug into his hips. When Boyd finally wrapped his lips around the swollen, purple head, it took him a moment to adjust.

Sin's fingers curled and jerked up to dig into Boyd's soft red hair, tangling in the strands desperately. Sin groaned loudly. Boyd's lips curled into a pleased smirk as he slid his mouth down Sin's large, pulsing cock and slowly dragged back up. Eyes falling half-shut, he pushed forward again, his mouth wet and hot; a slow torture for Sin's frazzled nerves.

Hoarse obscenities fell from Sin's mouth, "Oh fuck... Oh fucking Christ."

Sin's mouth dropped open as he began to moan unabashedly, making it impossible for Boyd to stay at the same slow pace as he listened to the sounds. His fingers itched to wrap around his own aching erection but he couldn't bring himself to take his hands off of Sin. He was like a drug for Boyd; he wanted more of him. Wanted to see, experience, taste and feel every bit of him.

Fingers tightened hard against Sin's hips and as Boyd bobbed his head and slid his mouth up and down faster, he kept his gaze riveted up to Sin's face. He felt the knot in his stomach clench, felt come begin to ooze from the tip of his own arousal while he watched Sin's expressions change as he appeared to lose more control of himself. Breathless pants mingled with throaty groans and when Sin began jerking his hips forward, thrusting as his fingers dug into Boyd's hair tighter, he moaned in Mandarin.

Sin's eyes squeezed shut and he braced himself against the counter, fucking Boyd's mouth faster and instinctively going with Boyd's movements. Boyd couldn't help a muffled moan as he allowed his mouth to be fucked with abandon. The weight of Sin's cock sliding in and out of his mouth was enough to make his stomach ache with pleasure, his blood running hot and fast. At that moment, more than anything else, he just wanted Sin to feel good. He wanted him to feel so amazing that he made more of those noises, that he couldn't think about anything other than pleasure.

One hand slid down Sin's side, trailing along the nasty scar from the aborted attempt at castration. He cupped Sin's in his hand, massaging them gently and was only encouraged by the way Sin arched against him. Through the mumbled, excited moans, Boyd's name fell from his lips. Sin dropped his head back, panting open mouthed as he began to thrust his hips wantonly. Every muscle in his body seemed to be tensing up and clenching. His moans grew louder, more frequent, and soft swears escaped him.

"Fuck," he hissed, fingers guiding Boyd's head as he fucked his mouth faster. "I... I'm-- Oh God--"

The timbre of Sin's voice went straight to the heat burning in Boyd's stomach. He hardly had time to think before Sin came explosively in his mouth. Boyd swallowed immediately and closed his eyes, concentrating on the feel and taste, on not missing anything while his fingers absently continued to knead Sin's balls. Sin pressed against him, seeming lost to his orgasm even as his hands strengthened on Boyd. When Boyd finally pulled away it was with a lingering slide of his mouth, and he only stopped touching Sin when Sin sagged to the floor.

Drawing back, Boyd braced one hand on the floor to keep himself upright. He panted heavily as he found his attention split between his own untouched arousal and not looking way from Sin, who slumped against the counter's side, looking dazed.

He focused on Boyd and his expression was... strange. There were so many emotions in his eyes that it was hard to pick out just one but the result was raw, powerful and incredibly beautiful. Boyd couldn't take his eyes off Sin, although his mind was buzzing with his own unresolved lust. His lips parted and his skin was flushed. His hair was disheveled from where Sin's hand had gripped him.

Sin's breathing began to even out and he sat up straight, dragging Boyd closer to him, eyes focused on Boyd's wet lips. He leaned forward and kissed Boyd again. This time his kiss was not hesitant; it was passionate and his tongue explored Boyd's mouth thoroughly, causing Boyd's eyes to slide closed and a low muffled moan to escape him. The taste and feel of Sin made Boyd's already hard erection pulse.

He was nearly overwhelmed by the passion he could feel in Sin at that moment and responded with a hungry sort of desperation, wanting to feel and taste as much of him as he could. One hand reached up, tangling in Sin's unruly hair and holding him closer so that he could deepen the kiss. The feel of the lip ring pressing against his lips in the manner he had been imagining since he'd first seen the disguise made him groan. Half-moans and caught breath from each of them disappeared into the other's mouth while Boyd's other hand clumsily unfastened his shorts just enough to free himself from his briefs.

With his fingers closing around his own erection, Boyd could feel his own heartbeat and breath quicken. The kiss turned sloppy, wet, as he panted and groaned into Sin's mouth, pulling closer with one hand as he ran his other quickly over his painful arousal. Sin crouched before him, pants tangled around his thighs as he cupped the back of Boyd's head and worshiped his mouth in a way that made it obvious that it would not take long for Boyd to come. Boyd stood no chance against the fresh memory of Sin's moans and expression as he fucked his mouth, or the way his tongue was searing into him now as if Sin was trying to absorb his very soul. He was overwhelmed by Sin, and he couldn't imagine anything better at that moment.

Their lips ripped apart finally, both of them gasping for air as Boyd moaned desperately, fist flying over his erection. Boyd was barely able to notice that Sin watched with a fascinated look, eyes dropping to Boyd's cock before rising to take in the lost, ecstatic expression on Boyd's face.

Sin wet his lips again, breath coming fast and he leaned forward for another hungry kiss as heat rushed through Boyd's veins and centered in his stomach. An especially desperate sound was muffled by the all-encompassing warmth of Sin's mouth, and Boyd moaned so loudly it was nearly a helpless shout when he came. The kiss did not end even as Boyd's orgasm wiped his mind clear of thought. If anything, he deepened the kiss with a wild sort of hunger.

Their moans and harsh breathing were the only sound in the room until Boyd pulled away from the kiss finally, his forehead dropping against Sin's shoulder as he let Sin take most of his weight. He was breathing heavily, eyes closed and breath hot, body feeling completely sated. There were no words that came to mind so he just slid his hand from the nape of Sin's neck and rested it there, let his other arm loosely encircle Sin until he was half leaning on him.

They sat there silently for several long moments, the only sound in the room their loud, uneven breathing. Sin's face was slightly downcast, hair hiding most of his expression although his gaze was locked on Boyd. After awhile his eyes closed briefly as he swallowed hard and then exhaled slowly. It seemed as though he was trying to regain his bearings or at least some semblance of mental order as he absently pulled up his jeans. After awhile he reached out almost hesitantly and pushed the hair out of Boyd's face, the touch making Boyd's eyes slide open lazily. Sin's gaze was intense and searching as he tilted Boyd's chin up so that he could look directly into his eyes.

"Why did you do that?" he asked, voice quiet and still slightly hoarse.

Boyd watched him quietly, not able to answer at first. Even if he knew Sin was attracted to him, even if he hadn't said no, some part of him was still a little afraid that he would do something wrong, that he would mess this up and they would be cold toward each other again. But he was tired of half-truths. He took a moment to shift just enough to pull his clothes back on.

"I've wanted to for awhile," he said finally.

Sin stared at him, surprise evident on his face even as he narrowed his eyes slightly in something that looked vaguely like skepticism. "Why? Since when?"

Boyd shook his head. "I'm not certain. Months, probably." Without really thinking about it, he absently ran one hand down Sin's thigh.

"How many months? When?" Sin's eyes followed the movements of Boyd's hand and his face remained unreadable. Something about him stayed slightly guarded.

Noting Sin's gaze, Boyd realized he couldn't read Sin's expression. Even if he couldn't tell what he was thinking, Sin's muscles were tense beneath his touch, making him feel that for the moment it was unwanted. His fingers stilled and, self-conscious, he pulled his hand away to push hair out of his eyes with a sigh.

"I don't know," he said honestly. "I wanted to in France. I suppose it all came together again after I broke you out." He paused, watching Sin closely. "Why? How long for you?"

"I don't know," Sin said vaguely, rubbing the back of his neck and looking apprehensive. There was a long stretch of silence as Sin regarded him, seeming to think the question over seriously. He chewed on his lip ring and stared at Boyd, eyes slightly narrowed.

"Since November," he said finally.

Boyd had just come to the conclusion that Sin wasn't going to reply but when he did, the answer was so startling that Boyd stared at him in surprise. "Since -- Really?"

November was... early. They'd barely known each other at that time.

"Then..." Boyd said, trying to understand but mostly just feeling bewildered. He remembered how emotionless he'd been at the time. "Why? I didn't do anything to warrant you wanting me."

"You didn't have to do anything," Sin replied with a one-shouldered shrug, dropping his eyes again and going back to studying the concrete floor. "I don't know why it started or how. All I know is..."

He trailed off for a moment, looking mildly self-conscious as he raised a hand and began rubbing his jaw idly. "I was intrigued by you from the moment I saw your interview. I couldn't figure out why and it gradually led to my behavior changing towards you. At first... I realized I did not want you to die." He raised an eyebrow as he continued. "And then... I realized I wanted to protect you. And then I became very possessive of you, or perhaps, the idea of you. I am still not precisely sure what any of that means."

Boyd tracked Sin's face for a moment and studied his eyes. There had been times he'd been worried Sin hated him. He knew by now that wasn't the case anymore but hearing it all laid out only helped reinforce it. He'd spent years feeling unwanted so being wanted and knowing that Sin was protective, even possessive, of him warmed him on some level.

Still... 'the idea' of him? Boyd's gaze unconsciously slid away in thought. He wondered what that meant. Liking the idea of him, feeling possessive of it, did that mean he'd never felt protective of Boyd himself? All along, had he just wanted to keep around one of the few people who treated him differently? Was it only Boyd's actions that attracted Sin and not actually Boyd? The thought was mildly discouraging but Boyd didn't care to dwell on it.

Instead, Boyd thought about where they'd come from, and what had just happened. After months of being hesitant to touch Sin at all, he'd just kissed down his chest and wrapped his lips around his cock. He couldn't even comprehend what sort of step this would mean in their interaction; but, mingling with disbelief, he definitely hoped that it would happen again.

"Oh," he said finally, at a loss for words.

Sin stared at Boyd intently from under his bangs, continuing to chew on his lip ring as he studied the other man. After awhile he raised his hand and brushed it tentatively against Boyd's cheek. There was something almost awkward about Sin's movements, as though he wasn't really sure how to act or what to say. Boyd touched Sin's hand, his lips lifting slightly on the edges. After a moment Sin's hand dropped away and he stood up.

"So are you ever going to make me breakfast?" The topic change was sudden and it clearly signaled the fact that Sin no longer wanted to discuss their mutual attraction or anything relating to it for one reason or another.

Boyd stood as well and headed to the other counter. He couldn't help noticing that Sin was acting strangely, which made it difficult for him to know if Sin was regretting it or just too surprised himself to know how to react. It made Boyd rather unsure of himself; he'd known since the night before that Sin was at least interested in him sexually but he had no idea what he thought now that they'd actually been together in any way.

He decided the best thing to do was just to act normal; after all, he'd definitely been the one to initiate this so if he seemed awkward as well it would probably be confusing.

"I don't know if you want me to. I'm really not skilled in the kitchen, but I'll try. What do you want? No guarantees, of course, that I'll even know how to make it."

Sin stood behind the counter, looking almost distant as he stared into space. He looked at Boyd distractedly and ran his fingers through his hair, shrugging. "Oh, I don't know."

Boyd watched him sidelong then turned with an amiable shrug of one shoulder and busied himself with trying to make some omelets. He was fairly certain that just involved eggs and... heating them. And probably putting stuff inside.

Sin's words from earlier drifted through his mind as he tried to figure out what pan or pot he wanted for this. Looking over his shoulder, he raised an eyebrow. "You know," he drawled in an attempt to lighten the mood. "If you know so much about pots and pans, maybe you should cook instead."

Sin looked at him blankly, as if the comment hadn't properly registered. The moment stretched for a long time and turned into an awkward silence.

Boyd turned around fully and gave Sin a strange look. Acting nonchalant wasn't going to work if Sin was determined to act oddly towards him from now on. He was already paranoid about Sin's silence but now he almost felt irritated by it since he was making a conscious effort to behave normally and his partner apparently had no intentions of returning the favor. "Are you always this charming after a morning blow-job or am I just lucky?"

Sin blinked at him, eyebrows rising. "I don't know. That was my first blow-job."

Boyd blinked. "Really." aIt was more a statement than a question. He watched him skeptically. "What did you do with the other people you've been with?"

Sin's eyebrows drew together and he gave Boyd a mildly confused look. "What other times? What are you talking about?"

That just bewildered Boyd. "Your other..." He stared at Sin. "The other people you've slept with."

He gave Boyd a strange look. "What? I've never had sex with anyone before."

A long moment of silence met the statement. Boyd blinked and drew his eyebrows down. "What? But..."

Thinking about it now, Sin had never specifically said he'd slept with anyone. When he'd said that he was tired of men and women, he must have meant them in general. With the way Sin had so readily suggested Boyd have sex with the waitress and the attraction that had been growing between both of them, Boyd had just assumed Sin had been with other people.

Sin's mouth turned down and he glared at Boyd. "What?" he demanded, sounding defensive.

"Nothing," Boyd said immediately. "It's just surprising." He gestured at Sin vaguely. "You're just so sexy and you seem to know what you're doing. And some of the comments you made in the past-- I just assumed..."

Sin relaxed, appearing mildly mollified by the explanation. He hooked his thumbs in the pockets of his jeans and shrugged. "I always thought I was kind of asexual. I was never attracted to anyone, and I never really thought about myself in the terms of being in sexual relationships. I barely spoke to anyone, so the idea of doing that never really occurred to me."

"Ah." Boyd paused, watching Sin thoughtfully. "So you were never even tempted to indulge with anyone ever? Even something quick like the way you suggested I do with that waitress?"

"No." Sin shrugged. "I just never saw myself as a sexual being. I only ever fought. And nobody ever showed interest in me in that way unless they were psychotic in some fashion."

Boyd's eyebrows lifted. "Are you calling me psychotic?"

Sin smirked. "You might be. Or masochistic."

"Masochistic?" Boyd echoed in a drawl, his lips lifting in a wry smile. "You think so?"

"You must be if you want to screw around with a half deranged assassin," he replied with a raised brow.

A smirk drew across Boyd's face and he stepped closer. "It must be so, then. Especially since all I can think about is how I want to screw around with that assassin again."

Sin's eyebrows raised. "Then I think I'm glad you're a masochist."

"Good," Boyd said with a slight, pleased smirk. He stepped closer and rested his hands on Sin's hips. "So, what are you going to do with that information?"

Strong hands reached out and gripped Boyd's upper arms, pulling him forward until their bodies were pressed together. "I'm not sure," Sin admitted slowly. "But... after months of wondering what it would be like to put my hands on you and my mouth on you, I think... I just want to touch you."

The words came out almost faintly and Boyd's mouth went dry, heart skipping a beat as Sin released one of his arms and raised a hand to his face. Callused fingers traced the shape of his lips and parted them as Sin stared at his mouth with the same intense fervor that he'd had earlier. But this time Sin didn't pull away or hide it.

When Sin spoke, his voice was low and had the hypnotic, seductive quality that Boyd had always imagined it would have in a situation like this.

"I think I just want to taste you."

"So do it," Boyd replied, the timbre of his voice rough with desire. "I want it too."

There was a brief pause, Sin's eyes seeming to intensify even further as their attention narrowed in solely on each other. Their lips met again, tongues twining together hungrily. Long fingers and strong hands moved over each other as if they were trying to memorize every contour, every muscle, every hard line. The kiss was almost violent in its need and lasted long enough that it left them both panting as they finally pulled apart. Boyd left a lingering slide of his tongue against the ring wrapped around Sin's full, lower lip.

Sin groaned. He rolled his hips boldly and for the first time the hesitance was completely absent from his motions. "You're making it hard for me to take my hands off you," he rasped when Boyd released his lip.

Boyd tilted his head back, eyes still fastened on Sin's lips. "Then don't," he said quietly, fingers digging into Sin and eyes shuttering as he felt Sin's erection press against his own.

"Are you sure?" Sin asked, voice low and thick with lust. "Because I won't." He clutched Boyd's ass with one hand, pounding his hips against Boyd's roughly, causing Boyd to hiss an expletive as his fingers dug into Sin's skin.

"I've been jerking off thinking about touching you for months," Sin growled, lips hot against Boyd's as his other hand slid up and under Boyd's shirt, teasing the soft, smooth skin at his back. His fingers stilled and drew away almost immediately.

Boyd's skin tingled where Sin's fingers had briefly touched his back and even though some part of him recoiled at the idea of being touched anywhere beneath his shirt, Sin had stopped without being told to. That alone meant more to him than he could explain. Added to that, the spike of desire he felt at Sin's confession burned away the discomfort he may otherwise have felt.

When he pulled away from the kiss, he watched Sin with heated, half-lidded eyes. "If my shirt stays on," he muttered, his voice thick with arousal, "and you only touch my back, it's okay."

Sin nodded, eyes slightly unfocused and fogged over with passion as he drew Boyd in for another lingering kiss. A low growl escaped his lips and he pulled back for air after several long moments, gazing at Boyd from under heavy-lidded eyes. "What now?"

"I don't kn..." Boyd started to say, too dazed by the entire situation to process questions quickly enough. He breathed heavily and for a moment could hardly comprehend that Sin wanted to do more.

As Sin caught his breath, Boyd trailed his mouth across his strong jaw; let the pounding of his heart be the tempo to which he kissed along Sin's ear and sucked on his earlobe. He let the taste of Sin's skin mix with the metallic flavor of Sin's earrings. Sin's eyes rolled backwards, a low sound escaping his mouth as his grip on Boyd tightened.

"Anything," Boyd murmured against his ear. "I can suck you off again," a kiss against the corner of his jaw, "or I can jerk you off... Or if there's anything else you want..." There were, of course, any number of options, but most of them he didn't want to push at the moment.

"I don't know," Sin mumbled as he reached down to adjust the way his erection was pressing uncomfortably against his jeans, panting as Boyd's mouth continued to tease his obviously sensitive ear. "You don't have to do anything."

Noting the reaction, Boyd smirked almost wickedly to himself and began sucking on Sin's earlobe slowly and thoroughly. "Maybe I want to," he said softly, pulling away just enough to speak but keeping his lips against Sin's skin. He slid his fingers into Sin's hair to pull him closer. "I like touching you." His breath was hot against Sin's ear. "I've been jerking off thinking about you for months too. The feel of your skin," his fingers dipped down briefly to tingle along the back of Sin's neck before he tangled them in his hair again, "your incredibly hot body, your eyes... Everything."

Sin's breath hitched and he actually fell backwards against the counter, a strange, strangled sound escaping his throat. His chest was heaving as he stared at Boyd, mouth hanging open and lips wet, mildly swollen. It was strange to see him like that; to see someone who was usually so controlled and serious turn into someone who seemed completely consumed by desire. Somehow he almost seemed powerless against Boyd; like he didn't know what to do and he was leaving it all up to Boyd. Seeing him like that made Boyd so hard it was nearly uncomfortable.

"Really?" Sin muttered.

"Yes." Boyd pulled Sin forward by the back of the neck as he stared at him with an expression overcome with desire. "You're so--" He broke off for another needy kiss, his tongue practically ravishing Sin's mouth, and for another stretch of time they were lost to each other.

Boyd was the first to pull away with a murmured, "Come here," as he moved backwards towards the couch, dragging Sin along with him. They stumbled slightly, unwilling to part long enough to walk properly, bodies tight against each other.

Sin stared at him with sleepy-looking bedroom eyes and lapped at Boyd's mouth like a cat as he gripped Boyd's tight ass hard enough to most likely leave bruises. Sin grunted, and growled, "My dick is so fucking hard right now."

Boyd almost fell over the table at that and had to grab Sin's arms to regain his stability. They practically collapsed onto the sofa, groping and kissing each other with abandon. They sprawled facing each other, both of Boyd's long, lightly tanned legs spread on either side of Sin's as their lips moved together feverishly and hands roamed everywhere. For a long time the only sounds in the room were soft panting, moans and their wet, sloppy kisses.

Sin slid his hand under one of the legs of Boyd's shorts, long fingers teasing upwards against where Boyd's hard cock strained against his briefs.

"Ahh fuck," Boyd groaned, arching his back at that and resting his forehead against Sin's, panting harshly against his mouth. A low, lingering shudder of a breath escaped him, but for a moment he could not speak.

It was already dizzying feeling Sin's lips and hands on him, but those strong fingers, which could easily rip a person apart, were a gentle torture against his tingling skin. He let out a helpless moan, incredibly turned on by the contrast of what Sin was capable of and what he was doing, and he didn't even stop to wonder if it was strange that the idea aroused him so much. He couldn't help it. The fact that someone who could be so intimidating and violent, who could inspire complete terror in a grown man with a single, stormy glare, was touching him with the sliding, gentle brush of fingers up his thigh and under his clothing... It was almost too much.

Sin's fingers traced the length of Boyd's cock through the fabric in slow, teasing gestures, his tongue sliding against Boyd's as he let his fingers go slowly beneath Boyd's briefs. He splayed his hand out and let his fingers spread on either side of Boyd's erection although he didn't touch it, instead lightly toying with his pubic hair.

Boyd made a half-whimpering noise and jerked his hips to try to rub Sin's hand closer to his erection but it didn't work and a strangled, desperate moan was muffled by Sin's lips. He squeezed his eyes shut and his heart skipped and sped. He almost couldn't breathe properly; his mind was so overloaded by what Sin was doing. Boyd didn't want to break the kiss; it was wet and hot and he wanted to taste every centimeter of Sin and then start all over by exploring his mouth again.

Sin pulled away slightly and trailed wet, open mouthed kisses along Boyd's jaw and down to his neck as he finally wrapped his strong fingers around Boyd's erection. As his mouth fastened on the side of Boyd's neck and sucked, he slowly began to pump his cock, fingers tightening around it. Boyd threw his head back and let out a long, shuddering moan. The feeling of that callused hand sliding up and down him was mild blowing and suddenly he was overwhelmed by the fact that this was Sin, this was Sin, Sin was touching him and kissing him and--

His eyes snapped open and he looked down almost wildly. Sin was watching him with lust-filled eyes and Boyd's entire body trembled. "Oh God..." he groaned huskily, absolutely incapable of looking away.

He arched into Sin's touch, his legs falling open to give better access, and he stared at Sin with half-lidded eyes burning with desire as he started pumping his hips. His lips were swollen and red, his mouth open as he panted and moaned unabashedly. Sin's presence was completely sucking him in and he had no defenses against it; it didn't even occur to him to try to hide how much Sin was turning him on, how much he wanted him and how little he could resist him. Half-formed words became moans and whimpers and every expression, every thought was there for Sin to see and hear.

Sin took his fingers away abruptly, ripping his hand out from under Boyd's shorts. "Take them off," he ordered in a low, throaty whisper.

Boyd's breath hitched and, not looking away from Sin, he didn't even question the order. His fingers fumbled shakily with the button and zipper but he managed to lift his hips and push his shorts down, all without saying a word.

Sin licked his lips, eyes darkening. "Underwear too."

"Fuck," Boyd hissed impatiently, eyes narrowed toward Sin as if he wanted to glare but was too clouded by lust to bother. He didn't question that either, though. He just hooked his thumbs beneath the waistband at his hips and pushed them down unceremoniously. Sin's gaze dropped and focused on Boyd's erection; he panted softly as his eyes feasted on his partner's body. He wrapped his hand around Boyd again and began sliding it up and down his cock, rubbing the pad of his thumb against the head slowly. His own erection strained in his jeans and he rubbed it idly with his free hand.

"Do you like when I touch you?" he asked Boyd softly, eyes burning intensely from under his messy hair.

Boyd arched his back like a pleased cat and watched Sin with eyes nearly turned black from dilation. His mouth fell open and his gaze drifted to where Sin was touching himself. The sight aroused him further, causing his stomach to clench as he grunted softly.

"Jesus fuck, yes," Boyd groaned.

He rocked his hips against Sin, his hands curling and his fingers digging into the cushions. He opened his legs as far as he could and braced his feet against the couch for leverage.

Sin responded to him immediately and began pumping Boyd's erection harder, faster, even as he impatiently unzipped his own jeans with his free hand. His breath was coming fast enough to rival Boyd's and when he lifted his hips and shimmied out of his jeans and underwear, he grabbed one of Boyd's hands and guided it to his erection. It was rock hard and swollen, clear liquid oozing from the tip as he wrapped Boyd's fingers around it. Sin's eyes rolled back in his head as Boyd slid his hand along the length.

Sin's hand began moving faster, sliding up and down Boyd's cock as he fucked Boyd's hand. He leaned forward to run his tongue along Boyd's neck as he licked down and sucked lightly on his Adam's apple, causing Boyd to groan and arch into the touch. The slick heat of Sin's tongue and breath against his skin made a shudder run through him.

A loud, husky moan escaped Sin's mouth and he began slamming his hips up against Boyd violently, moving his own hand faster as he panted against Boyd's lips. He muttered in a language Boyd didn't understand; urgent words that Boyd could still tell were saying how good this felt and how close he was to coming.

He pumped his hips against Sin's hand wildly, lost to the feel of callused fingers on his skin, lips pressed against his mouth hungrily, that sexy voice murmuring in another language, Sin's erection in his hand as he jerked his hand even faster... Boyd's eyes rolled back as he felt the moment build within him powerfully. He could think of nothing but the intensity of the feelings coursing through him. The way this all felt, the sweaty, sliding heat of his skin and the hungry, muffled pants caught between their lips.

"S-Sin--" was all he managed to breathe desperately.

His eyes slid open and he stared at Sin as his orgasm hit him so hard that he lost all ability to think coherently. His back arched, fingers and toes curling. He could only drop his mouth open wide and moan in a strangled half-cry, letting the intensity scour through him and wipe out every thought but Sin. His orgasm was messy and overwhelming, and his eyes feasted on every bit of skin, every perfectly sculptured feature he could see of his partner.

Sin's eyebrows drew together as he panted harshly, loud sounds dripping from his lips as Boyd's hand began to jerk his cock faster, rougher. They stayed that way for a few moments before Sin clenched his teeth together and came violently. An incredibly long, loud moan fell from Sin's lips. His eyes squeezed shut as his fingers tightened briefly against Boyd's skin. When it was finally over, he fell backwards against the sofa, panting loudly.

They stayed that way for a long time, both of their bodies slick with sweat in the room that was heavy with heat and the heady smell of sex. Finally Boyd shifted uncomfortably and made a vain effort to pull his shorts back up so that they wouldn't dig awkwardly into his thighs anymore. He kept his eyes closed as he moved lazily, limbs languid and sated. When he accidentally collapsed against Sin's naked body he didn't get up even though it was far too hot for them to be so close together. Sin didn't push him away so he let exhaustion overtake him.

When Sin opened his eyes, the shadows were considerably longer and the room was hotter. The only sounds in the room were Boyd's soft breathing and the pitiful humming of the air conditioner in the window. Sunlight streamed through the windows, casting a golden light on the floor which mesmerized Sin for a moment. The sun shone through so rarely that it always captured his attention.

For awhile his eyes simply followed the dust particles that danced in the beams of light. Despite the heat in the room, Sin had no desire to move. He felt lazy, sluggish and extremely content. But after awhile the uncomfortable feeling of dried semen and sticky sweat became too annoying and he made a face, shifting slightly as his gaze dropped down to Boyd.

He'd never really taken much time to watch Boyd sleep but now that they were at such a close proximity, he decided that his partner looked almost innocent in his sleep. His lips were slightly parted and face extremely peaceful, relaxed. Sin's eyes narrowed slightly and as he felt Boyd's heart beating against his chest, he wondered if this was actually happening or if it was one of the vivid dreams he'd been having in the past few months. His eyebrows drew together and he frowned at the idea but after a moment the paranoia passed and he rolled his eyes at his own stupidity.

He shifted again and frowned at Boyd when he didn't so much as stir. "Hey. Move."

The movement half woke Boyd and he blinked sleepily before shooting Sin a rather confused glare, red hair hanging around his face in disarray. "What?"

"I said get your bony ass off of me. I need a shower." Sin sat up fully and shoved Boyd unceremoniously backwards on the couch. He stood up to stretch, completely uncaring that he was entirely naked. He stepped out of the clothes still tangled around his ankles and scratched at the dried semen on his stomach. It flaked off and floated into the air.

Boyd made a sleepy, indignant face at him but didn't bother to get up again. He just settled against the couch and mumbled almost sullenly, "Who's the bony one."

Sin snorted and headed towards the bathroom. "Go back to sleep."

Boyd muttered something that was incoherent as it mixed with a yawn and Sin smirked, closing the bathroom door behind him. He turned on the shower and stared at himself in the mirror for a moment as he waited for the water to get slightly warmer. He studied his features, the face that looked so identical to his father's, and frowned slightly to himself. He didn't know what anyone saw in him but then again considering the fact that women had flocked to his father, he supposed it wasn't so shocking that some people might find him to be attractive as well.

The water was a little cooler than lukewarm and it felt good against his sweaty skin. He closed his eyes and absently wished that Boyd wasn't so body shy so that they could stand under the water together.

He ran his fingers through his hair and he tilted his face up, imagining what Boyd would look like completely naked. He couldn't figure out why Boyd didn't want to take off his shirt; he imagined that his chest was just as attractive as the rest of him. While his body wasn't as cut or muscular as Sin's, months of training and going on missions had given him a sleek, athletically toned body that was incredibly pleasing to look upon. Sin tried to imagine what could be so bad that Boyd felt the need to hide it so obsessively. The thought reminded him of that hint of black ink that he'd briefly seen beneath the back of Boyd's tank top.

Sin opened his eyes and washed up quickly, determined to bring it up before he forgot again. He finished his shower and wandered out of the bathroom in nothing more than a small towel which was wrapped around his waist.

Boyd looked up, seeming to have woken entirely sometime during Sin's shower. He pushed himself up on one elbow, surveying him with a pleased smile. "That's a nice sight to wake up to."

Sin smirked and ran a hand through his wet hair, slicking it back. "Too bad you didn't feel that way when I used to parade around naked in front of you on assignments."

Boyd dropped his head down onto his arms, grinning with a chuckle. "No," he drawled. "That would have been bad. I would never have been able to concentrate on anything. Running through the base I'd think only about you."

Sin gazed down at Boyd for a moment and tilted his head. "So does that mean we shouldn't be partners anymore? Or does that mean we can't do this anymore?"

"It just means I need to see you like this all the time so I can become accustomed to it," he replied innocently.

Sin actually laughed at that and leaned against the wall.

Boyd smiled in return and watched Sin for a moment. There was something that almost seemed content in the way he studied him. "I'm going to shower," he said after a moment.

Sin grunted, still looking faintly amused. "And then you can finally make me some breakfast."

Boyd got to his feet finally and raised an eyebrow at Sin. "How about you make me some instead?"

Sin made a face but before he could respond, Boyd grabbed some clothes and disappeared into the bathroom. Sin ultimately decided that he may as well make breakfast since he was hungry and didn't want to wait. He could hear the hiss of the water in the shower, muffled by the closed door. Sin made scrambled eggs and had them put onto two plates by the time Boyd was done.

When Boyd reappeared, he was in skinny jeans and a checkered shirt, the leather bands secured around his wrists as usual. His hair was still damp from the shower and fell into his eyes, which were unnaturally blue from the contacts he'd put in. He stopped, looking surprised by the food.

"Wow." Boyd started toward Sin, his bare feet padding silently across the room. "Maybe you should be the domestic one instead."

Sin gave him a reproachful look and picked up his own plate, heading over to the couch and bypassing the kitchen table as usual. "I don't think so."

"Oh?" Boyd drawled with a light smirk, bringing his plate with him as he trailed after Sin. "And why not?"

"I have to work at that ridiculous establishment so you have to do menial labor and be domestic. That is the way this situation works." Sin sat on the sofa and shoveled eggs into his mouth. He immediately made a face and declared that they were bland.

Boyd shook his head, seeming amused by Sin's reaction. He pulled the coffee table closer and set his plate down. After he took a bite of eggs he gave Sin a strange look. "No, they taste great. I think you're just trying to get out of cooking again by pretending to be terrible at it."

"I am terrible at it," Sin replied and began to eat his food at an alarming rate. They were silent as they finished eating but then Sin remembered what he'd wanted to ask Boyd. He reached out, running his finger over the base of Boyd's neck. "What's that tattoo?"

Boyd jumped at the touch, looking over at Sin with a startled, blank stare. He seemed confused by the question until recognition suddenly hit him with an alarmed widening of his eyes. His skin paled and he suddenly twisted his head to look over his shoulder. "That's showing?" he asked, sounding unnerved by the idea. "I didn't even think--" He stopped talking abruptly.

"You didn't answer my question," Sin said bluntly, eyes narrowing slightly at Boyd's reaction.

Boyd stared at him, his arms crossing his stomach. There was a guardedness to his expression that Sin wasn't accustomed to seeing. "It's nothing." He paused. "Just words. Nothing special."

Sin stared at him for a moment before shaking his head, mouth turning down with irritation. "Fine."

Boyd frowned and glanced at Sin before looking away again. His fingers curled and his eyebrows lowered almost broodingly. He wouldn't meet Sin's eye and tension built between them before Boyd finally said, "Mea Maxima Culpa." He paused. "And Corpus Vile. That's what they say."

Sin gave him a strange look. "And that is Latin for what?"

Boyd grew still, his expression turning into the neutral mask that Sin remembered from long ago. He didn't reply at first; he just watched Sin almost warily.

The silence grew until Sin felt irritated by Boyd's reluctance to ever tell him anything of value. "Just forget it," he snapped.

Boyd's eyebrows twitched and he looked away with a slight pained cast to the turning down of his lips. His eyes narrowed pensively and there was tension in his shoulders. After a moment he grimaced.

"'Through my greatest fault,' and 'worthless body,'" he said without looking over.

Sin stared at him blankly. "Why would you get something like that?"

"I was upset," Boyd replied, still not looking at him.

That earned him another blank stare but this time the expression morphed into one of annoyance. Sin shook his head. "Whatever, Boyd. Forget I asked."

Boyd's expression twisted and he looked down. One hand rested on the wristband of his other wrist and his expression tightened. "It's not that I don't... It's just--" He stopped himself, apparently incapable of finishing a sentence. A frown marred his face. "It's just... difficult."

"Just forget it," Sin said flatly. "I've lost interest in knowing."

Boyd looked over at Sin, seeming at once hesitant and wary. "I mean it's hard to explain, okay?"

Sin made a face and stood up, grabbing a shirt and throwing it on. "Yeah, everything is with you."

He didn't want to be angry with Boyd, didn't want to go through this again, but he couldn't help it. Despite everything he'd been through, despite the fact that he was going against all the things that were ingrained in him, he constantly opened up to Boyd but Boyd had yet to do the same.

"I'm going to go work out. Go running."

Boyd watched him and then ran a hand back through his hair. He looked away away with a nod, his lips pulling down pensively. "Alright."

Sin stood for a moment and looked at Boyd before shaking his head and turning away.

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