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Interlude 3.0

Uploaded on 5/09/2009

The room was stuffy, warm, and the sweat from their bodies added a near humidity to the air that was completely still other than the low, rhythmic moans and heavy breathing.

Their bodies were pressed together as she sat straddling his lap, her arms outstretched behind her, hands pressed flat against the bed to support the motions of their bodies that were becoming more urgent with each passing moment and each exclamation that escaped her mouth.

Carhart swallowed heavily, his head tilted back against the headboard as he gripped her waist, thrusting inside of her wet, willing body as her muscles clenched around him tighter. He swore under his breath, the words nearly unintelligible as his fingers tightened around her, clenching hard as he began moving faster.

"Oh, God, Oh God, yes!" Morgan surged forward, her arms wrapping around him and crying out louder, sweaty thighs clenching around him as his hands slid up her toned back.

Carhart pressed his face against her damp neck, breath coming faster and groans getting louder as his orgasm drew closer. He inhaled her scent, sweat mixed with perfume mixed with a musky smell of sex and something that he just recognized as undeniably Morgan.

His body was reeling as she rode him faster and it was just as every muscle in his body clenched with tension, with need for the impending release, that the hair on the back of his neck stood up.

Carhart's eyes snapped open and focused on the doorway to his bedroom over Morgan's shoulder.

Emilio smirked at him and arched an eyebrow, his expression a mixture between impressed and envious as his eyes went up and down Morgan's naked form.

Carhart's eyebrows drew together in annoyance but he just closed his eyes and grit his teeth, unwilling to stop now that he was so close-- even if they did have an audience.

"Yes, yes, Zach-- God-- like that-- Oh fuck--" Morgan growled out as he fucked her harder, harder than usual and she encouraged it with her loud shouts of ecstasy. She leaned back on her hands once again so that he could have a better angle to thrust, to get in deeper, and it was then that her eyes focused on Emilio.

"What the he--"

Carhart came hard inside of her before she could complete the sentence, groaning loudly, his eyes squeezing shut as he bit down on his lower lip. He thrust into her once, twice, one last time as he finished before collapsing backwards against the headboard with a grunt.

"Zach-- what the hell--"  

Morgan rolled to the side, movements quick and stiff as she scrambled off the side of the bed and grabbed her underwear as she shot a furious glare at Emilio, who just smiled at her serenely, unapologetically letting his eyes wander over her full breasts and flat stomach, down to the wet area between her toned thighs.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" she shouted at him, face red with embarrassment but more with fury as she yanked her underwear up hurriedly.

"Getting a free show," Emilio replied with a filthy grin, eyes flicking over to Carhart and giving him a once over. "Good job, Zachary. You were tearin' it up, bro."

Carhart sighed and scooted off the bed, picking up a pair of jeans and stepping into them without looking at Emilio as he tried to get himself together, tried to ignore the raw, unbalanced feeling of having just recently had an intense orgasm.

"You disrespectful fucking asshole," Morgan yelled, her naturally low voice thick with contempt as she struggled into her loose black cargo pants. "How dare you--"

"Blah blah blah," Emilio cut her off, waving his hand dismissively. "Since y'all are finished, just be on your merry way. I got to talk to Zachary about something and your presence is no longer needed."

"Shut up, Emilio," Carhart said tiredly, running a hand threw his short blond hair before he finally turned to the two.

Morgan scowled at Carhart darkly as she tugged a white tank top over her head. "How long did you know he was there?" she demanded, her words muffled by the fabric of the shirt.

"Don't be all pissed off at him," Emilio said mildly, smirk firmly in place as he looked over at his former partner. "It wasn't until just before he came."

"Ugh. I can't stand you already."  Morgan strode out of the room and elbowed past Emilio violently, heading down the hallway and into the living room.

Carhart just gave Emilio a narrow-eyed, impatient stare and followed Morgan, ignoring the other man's obvious amusement at the situation.

He didn't know how Emilio had gained access to his apartment but truth be told, he wasn't entirely surprised. It wouldn't be shocking if it turned out that Emilio had altered his key card on his own; the man was capable of it if he wanted to and he'd done it in the past. Emilio's talents as an agent went far beyond physically fighting-- he was highly intelligent, a fast learner, and had taught himself a lot about computer programming. That skill and him granting himself access to what should have been secure areas had actually been what got Emilio in trouble in the first place.

"I don't see what you're so pissed off about," Emilio said as he followed the two of them leisurely, his hands in the pockets of the dark blue jeans he wore. "Me and Zachary used to share women. I'm surprised he didn't tell you 'bout that."

Morgan's eyes snapped over to Carhart and her hands froze on the sweater that she'd grabbed from the sofa.

Carhart just rolled his eyes. "He's lying."

Emilio laughed and didn't deny it. "Oh, right. That was Douglas."

"What?" Morgan looked even more scandalized now. "Instructor Ferguson?"

"Uh huh." Emilio raised his eyebrows innocently, pressing his back against the wall and crossing his arms over his chest, smile still in place. "He was my best buddy before Zachary came along. You shoulda seen 'em back in the day. The way they used to squabble over me..."

"That's not true either," Carhart corrected impatiently, glaring at his former partner.

"Not entirely true," Emilio retorted, a challenging edge making its way into his tone. "Don't lie, Zachary."

"Is there something you wanted or did you just show up to be a pain in my ass?" Carhart demanded finally, tired of Emilio's antics.

"I need to talk to you about something but not in front of her." Emilio pointed his chin at Morgan. "Tell her to get lost."

Morgan looked at Emilio incredulously, her eyes narrowed and face wrought with anger. "You must think you're really something special to think you can barge in here and treat me like that."

"I am something special, baby," Emilio replied easily, his gaze settling on her almost lazily. "And you're just the flavor of the month."

"You don't know shit about me. You've been gone for a long time, Vega," Morgan said coldly, standing up straight and staring him down without a shred of intimidation in her body. "Things have changed. You're not as important as you think you used to be. I'm higher rank than you, I'm more--"

"Awesome!" Emilio cheered, twirling his finger in the air sarcastically. "You're higher rank! Congrats! What's your specialty? Riding cock? You seemed pretty pro at it, sweetheart. I wouldn't be surprised if they utilized that talent."

"Emilio, shut the fuck up," Carhart seethed between clenched teeth, raising a hand to massage his temples.

"Actually I'm a Captain," Morgan replied icily, although her face was burning. "And you're nothing but a field agent who is just as expendable as any other field agent. I have no doubts that you will be discarded eventually just as all of the rest of them are no matter what delusions of grandeur you possess."

Carhart was so startled by the words that he actually forgot about his irritation with Emilio and looked at Morgan sharply. He knew she always had a very cutthroat view of the world and the Agency but to hear her make such a statement bothered him a great deal because even if in a way it was true that they sent agents out in very dangerous situations-- he didn't agree with her. She made it sound as though the Agency deliberately sent agents out to die and considering the fact that his position put him in charge of all field agent activities-- he strongly disagreed.

"And I thought Vivienne was a cold-hearted bitch." Emilio arched one dark eyebrow at Carhart, a slight sneer twisting his striking features. "Can we ditch this person now and get down to business? You already shot your load-- what other purpose does she serve here?"

Morgan looked like she wanted to do nothing more than lunge across the room and throttle Emilio but instead she shook her head disgustedly and tried to adopt a cool expression. "You know, Zach's told me about you."

"Is that a fact?" Emilio asked with obvious disinterest, not seeming very impressed by the proclamation as he pushed himself away from the wall and moved closer to her. "What'd old Zachary have to say?"

Carhart watched the two of them with obvious discomfort and although he knew he should intervene, he also knew that whatever he said wouldn't stop either of them. Morgan and Emilio were both the same to an extent when it came to confrontations-- neither of them would stop once they got going and they'd only consider it finished when one of them hit the lowest blow.

"He told me what you did to your son. How you fucked his head up and turned him into what he is now."

Emilio's eyes moved to Carhart and he looked at him consideringly before sliding his gaze back over to Morgan. His lips were still twisted upward but now the expression was colder, his eyes glinting with something more akin to annoyance than amusement. "And what is he?"

"A danger to everyone on this compound," she replied instantly. "A liability-- a risk to himself and others. And he's that way because of you."

Emilio nodded mock seriously, eyes flashing dangerously even as he told Carhart in a casual tone, "Why don't you get rid of her before I knock her fucking teeth out? You know me, bro. I'll smack a bitch."

"Fucking try it," Morgan growled, taking two bold steps forward, her body tense and ready. "I dare you. I dare you."

"Enough," Carhart snapped at the two of them, finally moving forward to stand between them. He pushed one open palmed hand against Emilio's chest, forcing him to back up even though Emilio was looking at Morgan like he really wanted to follow through with his threat.

"Get rid of her," Emilio repeated, his eyes not moving from her face.

Carhart sighed wearily and glanced down at Morgan who was glaring at him.

"If you listen to him, we're done," she said flatly.

"Why does it have to be this way?" Carhart asked no one in particular, shaking his head. "I don't care if you don't like each other but don't try to involve me in this ridiculous behavior."

"Because you're choosing this disrespectful piece of shit over me!" Morgan shouted at him furiously, apparently already knowing Carhart's decision before he'd even voiced it. "You fucking stand here and let him talk to me like I'm one of those stupid little slut field agents who hound you all the time and you don't even defend me!"

"You seemed to be doing a good job defending yourself," Carhart said tiredly, going back to rubbing his head. "I didn't think you needed a white knight."

Morgan scoffed and stepped into her shoes, yanking her sweater from the sofa finally. "What I needed was a man to show he cares-- to show he isn't cowed by some pathetic fucking hoodlum who needs to go back to the slum he crawled out of."

"Ouch! That one stung a little," Emilio said with mock sadness even as he grinned at her smugly, waggling his eyebrows.

"You need to calm down and you--" Carhart looked over his shoulder at Emilio with barely concealed irritation. "You need to shut the hell up."

Emilio pouted and leaned against the wall again.

Morgan scoffed in disgust again and reached down to fix one of her shoes, her hands trembling slightly. "I can't even believe you would throw our relationship away over that despicable creature."

"Morgan, I'm not throwing anything awa--"

"Hey baby, it's not his fault that I'm awesome and you suck," Emilio butted in again, cutting Carhart off.

"Emilio, shut the fuck up!" Carhart shouted at him, turning entirely to give his friend an incredulous look. "What's wrong with you?"

Emilio shrugged innocently, raising his eyebrows high. "I don't know how to take instructions slash am a bad person?"

Carhart nearly rolled his eyes at the reply but turned at the sound of Morgan's footsteps stomping towards the door. She gave him one last furious look before slamming it closed and disappearing from the apartment entirely.

Carhart stared after her for a moment before sitting down on the sofa with another weary sigh.

"She'll be back," Emilio said confidently, eyes trained on Carhart as satisfaction brightened his eyes and caused a small smile to cross his lips.

"No, she won't," Carhart said with a shrug. "I know Morgan. She has too much pride to come back after what just happened."

"Oh please." Emilio made a face and sat down next to Carhart, turning sideways and resting one elbow against the top of the sofa as he leaned his face against his hand. "If that's the way it is, she isn't your type anyways. She's all bitchy and has no sense of humor and is all self-important and retarded. I can't even believe you've been knocking someone like that. I thought you liked submissive women who like, I dunno, picked daises and baked and like, had potlucks and shit."

Carhart covered his face with his hand and closed his eyes. "I'm just completely blown away by the ridiculous things that you say. I can't even reply."

Emilio shrugged and studied Carhart, gaze sweeping over him and taking in the weary posture and slumped shoulders. "Well if you're going to be all bent out of shape over it, why didn't you tell her to stay?"


Emilio made a face and reached out to shove Carhart's hand aside. "Because what?"

Carhart sighed in exasperation and turned his cerulean blue eyes onto Emilio as he shrugged his shoulders. "Because you were my best friend and I thought you were dead for twenty years and she's a woman I sleep with."

They looked at each other for a moment before the smile on Emilio's face widened considerably and he leaned forward to hug Carhart. "Awww, buddy, maybe you do still like me after all! And here I thought you were just feeling obligated to be civilized to me. Here I thought I was going to have to go on disliking this brand new you and keep forcing myself to play nice."  

Carhart started at the comment and gave Emilio a searching stare as the other man pulled back after a moment. Although Emilio had been the one to initiate the physical contact, there had been obvious tension in his body and Carhart didn't know why that was. There was something off about Emilio's behavior, something Carhart couldn't readily identify, but it made him wonder seriously if Emilio's last comment was really true.

After a moment, Carhart shook his head. "I don't understand why you feel such a burning need to completely disrespect everyone you come in contact with, especially a woman I'm involved with."

"I dunno," Emilio said carelessly, although he seemed to rethink that decision because he forced a more serious look onto his face. "I guess I'm just a jackass?"

"No kidding." Carhart extended his legs in front of him and curled his toes in the carpet. "What did you want? And it better be good."

"Ahhh, that." Emilio stood up and stretched luxuriously, arching his back and simultaneously shrugging off his leather jacket to reveal a long-sleeved black shirt that was adorned with buckles and straps on either shoulder. He held his jacket in one hand, apparently thinking it was too warm for the garment or maybe he just wanted to show off how good he looked in his shirt.

"I want to stay here until they give me unrestricted access to come and go as I please. I'm tired of them keeping me on the Fourth."

Carhart's eyebrows drew together and he looked at Emilio in surprise. "What?"

"I want to crash here until I can get my own place off compound," Emilio repeated impatiently, frowning at Carhart. His lips turned down in a frown and the cheerful expression, or the seemingly cheerful expression, melted away almost instantly. It made Carhart wonder if it had ever been truly genuine; he was beginning to doubt his ability to read Emilio.

Emilio narrowed his vivid green eyes at Carhart. "Don't tell me you're going to say no," he added flatly, disappointment and annoyance clear in his suddenly sharp tone.

"I didn't say no but I just--"

"Good." Emilio leaned down to slap Carhart on the back violently, although some of the irritation was still glittering in his eyes, as if Carhart's hesitation had truly bothered him. "My shit is already packed. I'll be back in a few."


Emilio didn't even give Carhart a chance to reply before he was striding out of the apartment quickly.

Carhart stared at the closed door in bewildered awe before he let his head thump back against the sofa as he sighed and looked up at the ceiling wearily.

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