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Based on an original story and alternate future by Sonny & Ais called In the Company of Shadows.

Fanart welcome!

If you want to draw any of the characters or world from In the Company of Shadows, feel free! Just credit Sonny & Ais as original creators and let us know so we can put it up here. If you'd prefer it stay off the site that's fine too but still tell us -- we'd love to see it!

By the way, any fanfic or fanart requests can be made here.


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4/3/07 by Ais

We have fanart! Read the info on the right navigation if you have any questions but basically we LOVE fanart and would love you if you did some! Just make sure we're credited as the inspiration and if possible link to this site. And make sure you let us know so we can properly heart you! Thanks.

Due to the setup of the gallery, I don't know yet how to navigate you back to the site so for now, I'm making the gallery pop up in another window. Be aware of that if you have popup blockers.

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The gallery was last updated on November 22, 2009. The previous incarnation of the gallery met an untimely end and I had to start over. The counters were all reset and any comments were lost =( If you have art on the gallery and want me to change your name, include contact info/a site for people to find more of your art, etc, let me know.

I will no longer be linking directly to fanart from this page because it's all easily navigatable in the gallery. If you have art you'd like added to the gallery, contact us and/or feel free to share it at the fanart section of the forum.