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Based on an original story and alternate future by Sonny & Ais called In the Company of Shadows.

Main Points?

Write fanfics all you want! We'd love to see them! Just make sure you credit us with the original characters/ story/ world.

And let us know, because then we can showcase here.

You know you want to...


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Fanfics for In the Company of Shadows

3/17/07 by Ais

Note that any fanfic or fanart requests can be made here, and any suggestions/requests for Sonny & Ais for the story itself can be made here. (Both links will pop up in the same new window).


Last updated 10/4/08

What? Fanfics?

Fanfics?, you ask yourself incredulously. When did they ever mention that?

Um, yeah. It's true. We never did. I know we're really hardcore about asking us for express permission to use the characters and world but that's because we just don't want to be plagiarized or have people running around claiming rights to Boyd, Sin, all their dysfunction, and pretty much any of the other stuff we create.

However! If for some reason anyone in the future feels like writing fanstuff... Well, we obviously would love to see it, since we're rather brazenly sticking this page in here. So if you want this page to not feel sad, you should consider letting us know if you want to write something. Or just writing something and telling us.

The only thing we want to make sure is that we're credited as having the original characters; that it's a fanfic of this story/world by us.

If you have any questions/want to talk about this to us, please let us know. Thanks!