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Written on August 29, 2008 by Sonny

Timeline: Summer 2001

The sound was unmistakable and even the most virginal of virgins would have been able to identify it. The soft slapping of skin against skin, the moist sounds of penetration and the unashamed grunts, swears and loud moans.

If they hadn't been in the same room as Zach, he was positive that he would have heard them anyway. Neither Emilio or Lydia seemed concerned with discretion and it was with a mix of annoyance and horror did he stare at the spectacle they made of themselves.

Emilio's long legs were spread as he slouched on the sofa, jeans around his ankles as Emilio's long fingers curled around her naked waist. And she was riding him like the most professional of jockeys, sliding up and down on his impressive erection and making quite a show of it.

Zach would have liked to believe that she was faking it, that she wasn't enjoying it quite as much as her voice claimed, but judging by the euphoric expression on her face it would have been hard to believe. Her small hands clutched Emilio's shoulders and a high pitched whine escaped her as they began moving faster.

It was like a train wreck-- really horrible but impossible to look away from, even if he wasn't so sure what was horrible about it. The fact that they had no concept of modesty? Maybe. The fact that she was under-aged? That was getting a little weak the more Zach got to know the twins.

The fact that his jeans were uncomfortably tight around his crotch, that his mouth felt too dry and he couldn't quite drag his eyes away from the point between their bodies where Lydia and Emilio were connected?

Yeah, that sounded about right.

Swallowing nervously, Zach decided it was time to leave the room. This was getting to be too much and the way Emilio kept looking over at him with that smirking, intriguing expression was beginning to get under his skin.

So he staggered out of the wide, sparsely decorated living room and went into the even larger kitchen. He had no idea why Emilio needed so much space in his loft but the man did everything in excess so his living arrangements may as well follow suit. He was somewhat surprised that Emilio had decided to have this little party at his own apartment but with little Ryan at the twins' place and Zach refusing to allow it at his own, there was no other choice.

And Emilio was damn determined to get Zach laid.

It was something that Zach staunchly refused, stubborn in his mourning, in his sense of fidelity towards his wife, but today that too was beginning to feel a little weak. He hadn't had sex in a couple years now and he couldn't deny that his body wanted it. Hearing Emilio's tales, seeing him in action, before it would have just put him off but now it frustrated him.

A part of him wished he could be like Emilio. He wished he could just forget about Nancy's clear blue eyes and stunning smile and move on. But he couldn't. And he wouldn't until it felt right.

"Got tired of the show?" A low, surprisingly throaty voice for a teenage girl rang out suddenly.

Zach blinked and looked up, realizing he'd been standing in the kitchen and staring into the refrigerator for several moments now. He hadn't even realized that Ann was in the room.

"You could say that," he replied finally, extracting a cold bottle of Dos Equis and looking around for a bottle opener.

"Heh." Ann looked over at him from her seat in the wide window sill. "Well, I was tired of it before it even began."

The strong tones of jealousy and resentment gave him pause, and Zach turned his gaze on her. She stared back and for a moment they just looked at each other silently, a strange energy in the air that had nothing to do with sex.

He looked, really looked, at Ann and took the moment to study her closely. There was something strange about her, about her sister, and he couldn't quite figure out what it was. He studied her tall, willowy frame, the long mouse-brown hair that hung over too slender shoulders, and the way her thin arms crossed over slight breasts. There was nothing overtly sexual about her figure, about her simple clothing, and even her face wasn't heavily made up. In fact, he didn't think she was wearing make-up at all. She had a pleasant face, nice lips, pretty hazel eyes and a straight petite nose, but her features were more unique than beautiful and Zach couldn't help but wonder what made these two identical girls so desirable.

Sure they were attractive but why exactly did agent after agent pursue them and sleep with them, regardless of the trouble it could get them into? If Zach was going to risk his job, his life, by fucking a daughter of Connors, he would wait on someone a little more appealing in looks and personality.

It was likely an unfair thought but he couldn't help but think it. They looked like nothing more than young girls to him, not the sexually adventurous women they were turning out to be, and even if he knew Ann was intelligent, the fact that she slept around so frequently was a big turn off. Her rivalry with Lydia for Emilio just made the whole thing worse.

"What?" Ann asked suddenly, looking slightly defensive at his penetrating stare. "Why are you looking at me that way?"

Zach shrugged and finally popped the top of the beer on the counter edge, taking a gulp. "No particular reason."

"Uh huh, sure," she said doubtfully, giving him a penetrating stare of her own.

It didn't bother him and he lifted himself easily, perching on the counter as he continued to sip the beer. He preferred Budweiser but the Mexican beer wasn't half bad.

"Are you jealous?" Ann asked suddenly, thin eyebrows rising a bit as she leaned forward with a fist under her chin.

Zach snorted around a mouth full of beer. "Of them? No. Why would I be?"

"Don't know. But you looked awfully distraught when you came stumbling in here," she replied tonelessly.

"I didn't stumble," he muttered. "I just didn't want to watch him fuck your sister anymore."

"Was it turning you on?"

Zach stared at her, embarrassed by having such a conversation with someone not even old enough to vote. But once again, it wasn't really a fair way to think. The more he spoke to her, the more he watched her sister, he realized that there really was no such thing as youth for either of them. Their eyes looked old, and in Ann's case in particular, she just seemed jaded.

But then again mass death and a suitcase nuke swallowing your hometown could do that to a kid.

"No," he lied finally.

"Then why was your dick hard?" Ann asked bluntly. "I could see it through your jeans."

"Annabelle!" Zach shook his head disapprovingly.

"Oh come off it, Zachary," she muttered, looking out the window again. Her expression was moody and not at all amused or teasing, as if these were serious questions that she really wanted to have the answers to. "Stop acting like I'm some little girl who you have to protect. You've been like that since day one and it's getting old."

"Maybe I just feel like someone has to treat you like the child you really are," he replied. "That someone should remind you that you're just a kid every once in awhile."

Ann scoffed softly and slid one hand into the pocket of her loose linen pants. "Maybe I'm a kid in years, but that has nothing to do with how I feel mentally or emotionally. Even if I hadn't been raised in that shithole," she sniped, referring to the Agency, "I still would have lost everything because of the war."

Everything? Zach watched as she pulled out a cigarette case, extracting a slim perfectly rolled joint from it. He'd heard that Connors wife had died during the attack on the city; that must have been what Ann meant. "You still have your sister."

Ann gave him a look as though he were the biggest idiot in the world. She lit the joint and took a long drag, inhaling deeply and holding the smoke in before saying, "Some sister."

Zach leaned forward off the counter to peer through the archway and into the living room again. He could hear an endless chant of "fuck me, fuck me" from Lydia and saw that Emilio now had her bent doggy-style over the couch as he did her.

"Er." He sat back quickly, feeling mildly embarrassed for the girl. "Well, it's not like your behavior is much better. You're just angry now because he's not with you right now."

Ann raised one slender shoulder and took another drag before extending one long arm and holding the joint out to Zach. "Maybe."

A year ago he would have thrown himself backwards in horror but that was then and this was now. After several months Emilio had convinced him to give it a try and now Zach found himself to be an occasional smoker. It was the one guilty pleasure he allowed himself.

So he accepted it and took a hit, still not as expert as Ann or Emilio, and coughed a little after a moment. His throat burned slightly as he passed it back to her. "Then if you're willing to admit that, what's so bad about her?"

"Because..." Ann trailed off as she took another long drag, eyelids lowering slightly. "Because I do what I do with the knowledge that all of those dickheads-- all of those ridiculous agents who think I'm coming on to them because of their position, as if I should care or be impressed by someone stupid enough to listen to my father... no offense."

Zach shrugged uncaringly and took the joint when she passed it back. "None taken. It's true."

"When in reality," Ann continued in an intellectual tone. "I'm just letting them use my body because I'm getting something out of it too. But my sister," the word rolled off her tongue with contempt, "has it in her head that every guy who looks her way is in love with her, that everyone cares about her, and she really believes that Emilio is going to protect her and take her away some day. She's completely obsessed with him, the fool. I get a little jealous sometimes, sibling rivalry is inevitable, but I'm never blinded by his charm like she is."

"Ah," Zach nodded, squinting at her as he blew out the smoke explosively. He already felt the effects of the weed and it was slightly embarrassing that she wasn't nearly as high as he already was. "And what do you get out of it?"

Ann eyed him for a moment as if judging that she'd gotten him sufficiently high enough, and finished the last couple of hits herself. "Pleasure. Obviously. Most people aren't like you, Zach. These days do you really think morality is what people are worrying about? We have riots in the streets downtown-- people killing each other over food scraps, rapists escaping the prisons and running rampant, people are even going into the country and killing farmers for their crops-- do you think chastity is so important right now?"

Zach blinked at her, the motion feeling a lot slower than it probably was in reality. "I guess not."

"Exactly." Ann slid off the window sill and walked over to him, stopping only when her slender frame was situated between his thighs. "So why don't you get past that already and fuck me?"

Startled but not nearly as startled as he would have been pre-marijuana, Zach just stared at her for a long moment before he could make the words come out of his mouth. "Why can't we just talk?"

"Because I want you to fuck me. We can talk more afterwards."

Her hands felt very good on his arms, the way they slid up and tangled in his thick brown her. He wet his lips nervously, suddenly wishing that he hadn't smoked because now his brain was so damn fuzzy... And her statement seemed incredibly logical at the moment.

What the hell was the big deal with morality?, his marijuana infused brain demanded. Just get laid!

So when she began kissing him, Zach kissed back. And when her tongue was in his mouth, his body responded as if it'd been craving that kind of contact for a millennium. He slid off the counter and yanked her against him, kissing her sloppily and feeling out of it, confused, and not altogether with it because of the weed. It must have been really strong-- he'd never gotten so high off a few hits before.

"Yes," Ann uttered softly, eyes closing as he pushed her against the wall, grinding against his once again growing erection as their lips met again.

It was all frantic and rushed and confusing, and two parts of Zach's brain were warring about whether or not this was right but his body kept reacting, obviously on autopilot now that he was a little uninhibited, and all he kept picturing was the way Emilio's dick had moved in and out of Lydia's wet pussy...

Fingers shaking unsteadily, he tried to get her pants undone as she unbuckled his belt, and they were almost there, almost ready, when a voice interrupted it all.

"Well, looks like you two kids are making friends," Emilio said loudly from the archway.

Zach sprang back as if he'd been burned and his senses came back all at the same time. What the hell was he doing? He'd just finished going on about how he wasn't going to have sex with the girl and now here he was, completely going for it after a few puffs of weed. What a pathetic excuse his body needed to get what it wanted. "Uhh."

Ann glared at Emilio after Zach began fixing his clothes self-consciously. "Yeah, thanks for ruining it."

Emilio blinked at them innocently, standing there half naked and unashamed. He only wore his jeans and even those were undone and barely hanging on to his slim hips, pubic hair clearly visible from the undone zipper. "I just wanted to watch. Zach was watching me before. Fair exchange, am I right?"

Zach grunted and didn't look at Ann, instead opening the refrigerator and yanking out another bottle of beer. He felt so out of it-- it was incredible that he was really this much of a lightweight. It almost overpowered the guilt and embarrassment he felt. "Whatever," he mumbled, setting the bottle on the counter without opening it.

Emilio stared at him for a long moment with slightly narrowed eyes before moving them to Ann. "Well... I don't think he's so into you anymore. Maybe he'll try again with Lydia when she gets her ass up."

Ann's face reddened slightly. "What's your problem? Why are you being an ass?"

"You mean more of an ass than usual?" Zach queried slowly, glancing at her finally.

She gave him a mildly gratified look before shaking her head and turning away. "What do you care what we do?"

Emilio continued to look from Zach to Ann, his expression odd but not interpretable. "Who says I do? I'm the one who got this party started, baby. The one who told Zachary how willing you'd be to get on his dick."

Zach nodded, too high to really pick a side at the moment, it was true.

"Yeah, so, why come in and ruin it? You see how jumpy he is... I finally convinced him to lighten up and you waltz in here and open your big dumb mouth. You're ridiculous." Ann glared at Emilio in annoyance, crossing her arms over her chest.

Zach couldn't figure out if she really was that mad over a missed opportunity with him or if she was just using him in an attempt to make Emilio jealous; payback for his two hour rut with Lydia. Even without a clear head, it was pretty obvious that it was the latter. But it seemed really odd for Emilio to be jealous...

"Aw, don't be like that babe," Emilio crooned, switching from asshole to charmer in a heartbeat. He sauntered over to her, backing her into a corner and clasping her chin between his hand. "If he doesn't want to hit it, you know I do."

"Aren't you tired?" she asked, eyes narrowed. "Sure seemed like Lydia wore you out."

Emilio smiled, a slow, filthy smile, and pulled her against him. "Does it feel like I'm worn out?"

Ann's eyes widened just a bit and her hands settled on his hips, Zach all but forgotten as Emilio pressed his arousal against her. "That was fast..."

"What can I say?" Emilio asked, throwing a smirk in Zach's direction. "I like to watch."

"Heh. Well, trust me, so does he," Ann replied, gaze also moving over to Zach.

Emilio's eyes narrowed and the look he speared through Zach went from lighthearted to something that was at once deeply intrigued and intense.

Zach shifted uncomfortably and edged toward the archway, not wanting to look at his partner anymore. This situation was far too odd, far too uncomfortable, and most of all, far too confusing. Even sober he doubted he'd have any idea what was going on or what all of these strange looks were supposed to imply. "I'm going."

"No," Emilio growled quickly. "You're not."

"Yes, I am," Zach said stubbornly.

"Why?" his partner demanded, all but forgetting his promises of sex to Ann. "Can't handle it?"

Zach's eyebrows drew together and he shook his head. What the hell was Emilio on about now? "Can't handle what?"

Emilio's eyes narrowed further and he crossed his arms over his chest challengingly. "It."

Ann looked from Emilio to Zach and some kind of understanding dawned on her expression; a small smile soon followed. Zach wished some of her insight would shift his way because he was a damn clueless fool. Probably more so than Lydia would ever be. "What the he--"

A loud scream from the living room interrupted his question and he and Emilio rushed in, completely forgetting their momentary standoff. Lydia's scream had sounded completely terrified and that meant danger, and danger meant forget about the BS and go kick some ass.

"What?" Emilio demanded, staring down at her. She was curled into a ball, face white and terrified as she stared down the hallway. "What the hell are you yelling about, woman?"

Zach followed her gaze but saw nothing except the hallway and the shadows. In his drug-induced haze he thought he saw them moving but had no doubts that it was all in his mind.

"I-I saw someone!" Lydia stammered. "Someone was looking at me from the shadows in the hallway!"

"What?" Ann yelped, sitting down next to her sister and switching into 5-minutes-older mode in an instant as she wrapped a protective arm around her trembling shoulders. "Who?"

"I don't know, I couldn't tell," Lydia moaned.

Zach looked from the hallway, to Lydia, and then up to Emilio in concern. If someone was in here that would be really bad... who knew what kind of sensitive information was on his computers? In his files? And the fact that someone would have been able to breach his security was a bad sign.

But Emilio didn't look at all concerned. He just looked annoyed.

"It's in your head," he said coldly, giving Lydia an unimpressed stare.

"It is not!" she yelled at him. "I saw someone, I swear!"

"Oh really," Emilio drawled sarcastically. "Then describe this mysterious person. What'd they fuckin' look like, huh?"

Lydia hesitated, huddling in Ann's arms. "I... I don't know for sure, they were hidden in the shadows. But I was dozing off and happened to look over there and I saw eyes..."

"She saw eyes." Emilio made a face. "It's in your head. You said yourself you were falling asleep, pendejita. Don't be a pain in my ass."


"I could just go check," Zach offered suddenly, confused by this entire scenario. He took a step in the direction of the hallway but Emilio's hand clamped around his arm immediately.


"Why?" Zach asked incredulously. Even if it probably was in the girl's head, at least it would put her at ease.

"Because I fuckin' said so and this is my fucking house!" Emilio yelled at him.

It was the first time Emilio had truly shouted at him in anger and for a moment it made Zach pause and drift out of his marijuana cloud. Just what the hell was Emilio so hot about? What the hell was he hiding? "Okay..."

Emilio took a long, deep breath, and dragged his eyes away from Zach to look at the twins. They too were staring at him in confusion, disturbed by his sudden shift in behavior. "You know what? All of ya'll should just get the hell out."

"What?" Ann asked in protest. "It's late! You should have kicked us out hours ago instead of sending us out in this horrible neighborhood!"

"Oh and what the fuck's gonna happen?" Emilio demanded nastily. "Might get raped? Oh well, you'd probably be fucking willing to open your legs anyway so there's no fucking danger then, is there?"

Ann stared at him and seemed more indignant than hurt. "Fine."

"Yeah," Emilio snapped. "Now get the fuck out."

Lydia stared at him with wide eyes and she actually did look hurt, almost even betrayed. "Emilio..."

"Out." His expression was completely unforgiving and he strode towards the front door, swinging it open. "Now."

Zach scratched the back of his head, completely befuddled by his partner. "Yeah, well, I was going anyway."

Emilio's gaze moved to him and some of the contempt faded, replaced by disappointment and aggravation. "Yeah, so you should be happy," he grumbled.

Zach shrugged, not about to figure out the other man's strange behavior now. "Right." He looked at the girls. "I'll take you home."

Ann offered him a mild smile. "Thanks."

Emilio scoffed and shoved her forcibly out into the hallway that led to the freight elevator. She made a sound of protest as he did the same with Lydia.

Zach shook his head disapprovingly and gave Emilio an annoyed look as he left. "You're terrible."

"I'm crushed by your assessment of my character," Emilio said flatly.

"Whatever, man." Zach shook his head and left, herding the girls in front of him as he tried to figure out if he was going to be able to correctly drive. It'd be a little tough but he was confident he could manage; being high wasn't nearly as bad as driving drunk. Things were slower but he could still focus and if anything, he'd probably drive safer.

He opened the gate to the elevator, still feeling Emilio's gaze on his back, but when Zach looked over his shoulder, the door was slamming firmly shut and Zach had to wonder if he'd ever get the answers to any of his questions now.